To guarantee you have a safe and memorable adventure, please follow our park rules

1.     Before starting the activity, a Forest Adventures staff member will inform you of the safety instructions and demonstrate the use of the equipment on a practice course. You will be required to act according to training. If uncertain – please ask Forest Adventures staff. No hanging upside down.

2.     Participant's safety harnesses and fitting must be checked by one of the Forest Adventures staff. Return all Forest Adventures gear to the starting point. Do not take gear with you if you are going to the car park or toilet.

3.     Any person not following instruction given by Forest Adventures staff may be asked to leave without refund.

4.     Customers should wear loose comfortable clothing with closed-in shoes. Long hair should be tied back to avoid getting it caught. All jewellery should be removed as if it gets caught or drops you may not find it again.

5.     Do not carry anything in pockets or in your hand, especially a phone, as you will need both hands at all times.

6.     You are in natural bush land - please walk only on identified paths. Don’t walk beneath activities (risk of falling objects). There may be obstacles on the ground (roots, stumps, sticks etc…), please be careful where you step at all times. Forest Adventures can’t be held responsible for injuries in such a case.

7.     Respect your environment. Smoking is NOT permitted. Throw waste in designated bins.

8.     You must keep connected to the safety line with your carabiners at all times. Our Bornack carabiners will not both open at the same time. Forest Adventures South West can’t be responsible in case of injury due to non-adherence of the safety instructions.

9.     Always read information on the signs posted on the departure platform for each activity. For zip-lines, don’t put your hands in front of the pulley.

10.  Structures and supports are built to cater for people up to 120 kg maximum. If you weigh above 100 kg, please advise staff when booking to ensure appropriate harness is supplied.

11.  Participants who want to access the ropes courses must be physically and mentally able to perform the activities.

12.  Strictly no alcohol or drugs to be consumed before or during participation in Forest Adventures activities.

13.  The maximum number of participants allowed at the same time on each element is 1 on a platform and 1 on the element.

14.  You must do the course by order of difficulty.

15.  Do not leave the paths – this is to prevent root compaction to our trees and damage to conservation areas.

16.  Follow the size and age restrictions of the courses.