Forest Adventures South West offers adrenaline and fun filled courses and flying foxes among the majestic trees of the legendary Tuart Forest in the beautiful South West of Western Australia.

Having combined world class European standards for safety and design with the South West’s supreme environment, we are proud to present Forest Adventures South West as one of the best of its kind with many unique activities in Australia.

Located on more than 8 acres, Forest Adventures offers 77 activities set high among the trees catering for all skills, fitness and daring levels.

  • More than 500 meters of flying foxes

  • Uni-cycle up high, tarzan ropes

  • 13 meter base jump

  • BMX on a wire

  • Spider webs

Choose your challenge!

You will hang around in the trees, climb the ladders, balance on the suspended bridges and jump on up to 11 flying foxes with some spanning over 150 meters. Have fun with the whole family and challenge your friends on 6 unique courses of every level of adrenaline and fitness!

6 huge courses, 2 hours of amazing fun!

Spanning through 8 acres of unspoilt natural bush land combining rope and wire challenges

The course starts with a safety training session, and progresses onto the yellow (kid course), green (kid+ course), light blue (family course), red (advance course) and black (adrenaline) course. Courses vary in height and difficulty, ranging from 3 - 18m off the ground. You begin on the yellow course and decide how far and how high you would like to go. We also offer a zip line blue course with a first climb of 18 meters followed by a descent of eight consecutive amazing flying foxes for all levels of fitness!

Lets have fun with the whole family and friends